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Our directory of Tibetan aid organizations is arranged by area of interest so that an individual may more easily find a group to support.

Heart in Tibet is a non-political organization, therefore we do not have a category for Political Action Groups.  While we appreciate the efforts of individuals trying to find a political solution to the Tibetan problem we also understand the sensitivity of this issue, especially for aid organizations currently working within the P.R. of China.

In keeping with our guiding principle of Mindfulness we only list organizations who have programs or projects which are providing immediate relief for the Tibetan people.  Although some organizations may engage in political action activities in conjunction with their humanitarian work, we try to list only organizations whose main focus is humanitarian aid.

Heart in Tibet does maintain a list of political action organizations.  Should this be your area of interest we will be happy to provide you a copy of this list.  Please contact us at info@heartintibet.org to obtain a copy.

Confused about what organization to support?

It is wise to do your research before donating your time and money to any non-profit organization.

Research your organization online:  There are several websites that review non-profit charitable aid organizations.  On these sites you can obtain information about who runs the charity, what kind of activities they engage in, financial information and reviews from supporters.  A few good ones are:

Read the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Wise Giving Alliance Standards for Charity Accountability http://www.bbb.org/stlouis/charities-donors/standards-for-charity-accountability/

Read the Charity Evaluation Questions page at GiveWell  http://givewell.org/charity-evaluation-questions

Contact the charity directly:  Most charitable aid organizations are more than happy to tell you about the work that they are doing.  Get to know the people running the organization.

Ask for references:  Most charitable aid organizations should be able to provide you with contact information of people that have worked or volunteered with them.  Ask about their experiences and what their impressions were of the organization.

Review the charity you're interested  in on Charity Navigator.

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