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Help Children in the Himalayas

Posted on February 4, 2014 at 8:35 PM

Help a Child in Kathmandu!

Care Himalayan Region, a non-political, non-religious, not for profit NGO, is seeking help for underpriviledged children from remote regions of the Himalayas.  Care Himalayan Region (CHR) provides these children with shelter, food, clothing, basic medical care and education at their school in Kathmandu.

Passang Dhondup Lama, founder of CHR, was born in Nepal, attended a Tibetan primary school in Rasuwa and secondary school in Kathmandu.  He gained a place at Tribuwan University where he completed a degree in sociology and economics.  After graduation Passang eventually took a position with the Himalayan Children's Foundation where he worked for 8 years.  It was here that his dream to provide an education for underprivileged children was born and he founded CHR in 2007.

Passang established the Conscience Primary School, an English language based school for rural children who cannot afford to attend the private English language school in Kathmandu.  This is a full support program with boarding facilities for 28 children.  CHR works to include both Nepali and Tibetan children in its work.  Students arrive at the school when they are between 5 and 7 years of age.  There the staff of CHR works hard to provide the best care possible for the children...caring for them as if they were their own.

Would you like to spend a few hours, a day, a week, working in a small primary school in Kathmandu?  Do you enjoy bringing fun and learning to kids, hearing their laughter, enjoying their friendship?  CHR can arrange for volunteers traveling in Nepal to spend some time at the school running a program and activities in any of the following areas:

Teaching English: games, jokes, puzzles, conversation, reading and writing, rhymes and finger plays, some thinking skills.
Music and Instrument Tuition:  Playing western instruments including the recorder.  CD players are available for inspiring music and dance.
Art and Crafts: papers, scissors, fabric glues and makiing collage pictures and art works.
Sewing:  Making beautiful flower decorations, sewing international flags on a piec of cotton cloth.
Computer Skills Training:  Giving computer skills on power point, word and excel.
Marine life:  Displaying interesting and beautiful sea animal shells and teaching the children about marine life.

Please help CHR fulfill their project wish list for 2014:

Sponsorship for one child per year:  US$ 360.00
Computers - 6: US$ 3789.00
School Supplies for 28 kids:  US$194.00
School Uniform for 28 kids:  US$250.00
Solar, Inverter Battery Backup Lights:  US$1578.00
Farming and Gardening:  $1052.00
Playground well equipped:  US$684.00
Table and Benches:  US$289.00
Water Filter and Pump:  US$1263.00
Television and DVD Player 1 set:  US$1578.00
Library Books:  US$1684.00
Drainage and Sanitation:  US$842.00
Two Homes (Boys & Girls), Dining and Kitchen:  US$10,526.00

If you would like to know more about the work of Care Himalayan Region - Conscience Primary School or would like to sponsor a child in Nepal or contribute to any of the project wish list 2014 then please contact them at:

Care Himalayan Region, GPO Box: 1710, Boudha -6, Mahankal, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: 4360862 or Mobile 9841264291

or visit their website at www.carehimalayan-nepal.org

Help Tibetan Monks and Nuns to Study in the USA

Posted on April 4, 2012 at 9:10 AM

Dear Friend of Tibet,


His Holiness, Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama has spoken about the revolutionary impact fusing together two great systems of human inquiry--the wisdom tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and the scientific and humanistic traditions of the west--will have on humanity.


The results of this 'meeting' between the great monastic and spiritual tradition of Tibet and the Himalayas, and the modern, secular world marks a step forward in human development, already yielding new advances in the fields of mental health, neuroscience, psychology and personal transformation.


The Tenzin Gyatso Scholars Program makes this vision become a reality.


Selecting the best and brightest Tibetan monastic scholars from monasteries in the Himalayas, these remarkable individuals are studying at prestigious universities, where they are having a very real influence in their university environments, bringing their classical Tibetan heritage and concepts into their coursework and the classroom with other students, and touching many, many individuals in lasting and human ways.


Help sponsor a qualified Tibetan monk or nun at Smith College, Hampshire College or Emory University. 


Help us take advantage of offers from the Pontifical College at the Vatican, the Earth Institute at Columbia University and other schools that want to have a Tenzin Gyatso Scholar bring their classical heritage to their institution.


The Scholars represent a unique and creative way to preserve the remarkable spiritual and cultural compassion tradition of Tibet. Learn more. http://www.tenzingyatsoinstitute.org/index.php/the-tenzin-gyatso-scholars-program

We are seeking funds for three Scholars, which will support their accommodations, travel, food, visas and related costs. Recognizing the value of having the Scholars on campus, the schools have waived the normal tuition fees. 


Help sponsor a Scholar.

Thank you,


David Rand

Executive Director

+1 518 872 1250


Drugchu Landslide

Posted on September 13, 2010 at 10:47 AM

(The following news story is reprinted from the ITC web site.)


(AFP, August 16, 2010)


The death toll has risen to 702 after an avalanche of mud and rock swept through Drugchu, a Tibetan area of Gansu province in north-western China, on Sunday (August 8).  1,042 people are still missing and 42 seriously injured, the state news agency, Xinhua, reported today (August 10).


The landslide demolished a large section of the town of Drugchu (Chinese, Zhouqu) in the south-east of Kanlho (Chinese: Gannan) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Gansu, and then poured into a river, damming the waterway and causing it to flood and submerge part of the town.  The Chinese military have used explosives to clear the blockage and drain the town, and efforts to dig people out of the rubble are ongoing.  According to a CNN report from the area, more than 10,000 survivors are now living in tents after their homes were obliterated.


Frantic efforts are being made to drain the unstable lake created by the landslide amid fears it could burst and swamp devastated areas where rescue attempts are still being made.


The devastation in Drugchu is the second calamity to hit Tibetans in recent months.  In April, a 7.1 earthquake struck the Tibetan area of Yushu, Kham in present-day Qinghai province and killed 2,698, according to official estimates.


Recent photographs of Drugchu show deforestation and re-sculpted mountains which were created to make space for agriculture.  According to various reports, local people and officials have warned for years that heavy tree-felling and rapid development were making the mountain area around Drugchu more vulnerable to landslips.  According to The Guardian, one government report last year called the Bailong river a "high-occurance disaster zone for landslides."


In a vivid description of the landscape, Al Jazeera's Chine correspondent, Melissa K Chan, sent a twitter message from the area reporting: "Naked mountains, no trees or shrubs.  Erosion.  No wonder these mudslides happened in Zhouqu, Gansu."  Melissa Chan also reported today:  "Residents say the mudflow came down and buried everything in about ten minutes.  Wasn't raining at time - had no idea of danger.  Smell the stench of bodies and see and hear wailing relatives mourning the dead.  An awful way to die buried alive."


The state media reported that the landslide is the worst to hit China in six decades.  A tropical storm is now heading for northern China, and is expected to bring strong rains back to the disaster area.


The Tibetan Parliament in exile stated that Tibetans in the area are blaming environmental mismanagement by the authorities in additon to heavy rainfall.


In their account of the area in the CD-Rom Tibet Outside the TAR (TOTAR), Steve Marshall and Susette Cooke write: "Viewed from above, the county town of Drugchu might be a growth on the surface of the landscape, clustered along the edge of the Bailong River and climbing up into side valleys below the dry sculpted hills.  Above these rise even higher bony ridges, where a few patches of conifers suggest a once damper and more forested landscape.  The town consists of a Chinese-modern center with a few outlying islands of high-rise construction, connected by low-rise residential neighborhoods merging into the surrounding villages, with cultivation to the town edges.  The oldest section of Drugchu lies in the northeast."


Official Chinese census statistics in 2000 for Drugchu (Zhouqu) county showed a population that was one third Tibetan and two-thirds Chinese.

Yushu Earthquake News

Posted on April 23, 2010 at 10:03 PM

Urgent Emergency Appeal


You may have already heard the sad news of the devastating earthquake (a 6.9 magnitude) on the morning of April 14th at 7:49 a.m. in Yushu (Kyedudo in Tibetan) in the northwest province of Qinghai.


Yushu County is 800km (500 miles) southwest of the provincial capital Xining.  It borders the Tibet Autonomous Region in the west and Kandze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the east.


Ninety percent of the population there is ethnic Tibetan.  The area is one of the poorest and remotest regions in the country with very inadequate communication and infrastructure.


The powerful tremor struck around 8 am local time followed by several other quakes, destroying or damaging almost all the houses, also school buildings, medical clinics and hospitals in the county capital, Kyekudo.  Information regarding nearby areas is not available at the moment due to landslides and the breakdown of telecommunications.  The unofficial report of casualties states that 2,187 are dead and 12,000 injured.  Two-hundred seven of the dead are school children, 9,147 are hospitalized. 


The Chinese government has a good record of responding efficiently to such emergencies.  The government and the Chinese Red Cross have already sent officials to assess the situation.  Due to the remoteness of the region and poor infrastructure it could be a very challenging task.  A recent snow storm has blanketed the area causing hardship for the thousands left homeless.


Your help is most urgently needed for the Tibetans in the region.  Whatever support you can give towards immediate assistance for medicine, clothing and food, and also long-term support for rebuilding schools and health clinics, would be very much appreciated.  The following organizations are accepting monetary donations specifically for earthquake relief:


Tibetan Village Project www.tibetanvillageproject.org

Jinpa www.jinpa.org

Tibetan Relief Fund www.tibetrelieffund.co.uk

Machik www.machik.org

Tibet Foundation www.tibet-foundation.org

Tibet Fund www.tibetfund.org

Thrangu Rinpoche Trust www.thranguemergency.org


The International Campaign for Tibet is accepting donations which will be redirected in their entirety to a not-for-profit organization working with Tibetan partners in Yushu.  Mark your contribution "EARTHQUAKE RELIEF"  and donate online at www.savetibet.org or by mail at:


International Campaign for Tibet

Attn:  Earthquake Relief

1825 Jefferson Place, NW

Washington, DC 20036


Please, we urge you to help the Tibetans in Yushu/Kyekudo affected by this devastating earthquake.  Thank you for your immediate and generous response.

Will You Help?

Posted on April 23, 2010 at 7:50 AM

Dear Friends of Antahkarana International,


I am coming to you with an urgent, simple and transparent request.  Our fiscal year is coming to a close on April 30.  Sadly, we have fallen $20,000 short of our budget needs.  Will you help?


Our Most Urgent Needs:

  • $3997 is due at Namgyal School for our 21 students registered there.  This must be paid immediately for them to continue in the new school year that begins in May.
  • $1279 expenses for salaries and hostel food in Kathmandu.
  • $3667 for salaries and expenses for our three village schools.
  • $3897 rent for office and guesthouse (After this payment, we will likely discontinue the Guesthouse as it has not paid its way as we had hoped.  We will move our office to an available space in the hostel.)


Please Read On for Details on the Work and our Plans


A rescue mission will keep us functioning.  In the coming year we must establish a much broader base of donors.  Until this year Antahkarana relied heavily on the founder's donations.  This option has diminished and is essentially not available to us any longer.  To fill the financial gap we are busy expanding our internet presence, establishing connections with schools and universities throughout the country as a means of popularizing our message - and we will hold our annual fundraising event in Bozeman, Montana.  We are also planning tours to India, Tibet and Nepal as opportunities to raise funds and awareness of our work.


I remain ever hopeful that the work of educating Tibetans in their homeland in the Himalayas will catch the eye, engage the hearts and open the pocketbooks of those who desire to see Tibetan Buddhist culture thrive at its roots and bear vital new fruit for the benefit of a world that most surely needs the harmonizing and balancing effects of a culture devoted to bringing all sentient life to greater inner and outer peace.


While many people know and answer the plight of Tibetans settling in refugee camps in India and Nepal, the desperate needs of Tibetans we serve in villages outside of Chinese ruled Tibet who want to preserve their ancient lands and simple culture have slipped far below the radar.


Antakarana International is almost singular in making this effort to preserve Tibetan Buddhist culture in the Himalayas just as the Dalai Lama called for when he warned the world last year that Tibetan Buddhist culture in Tibet is essentially lost.  He warned that the only hope of preserving it in its purest form and bringing it into the 21st century is through education of Tibetans in the Himalayan homelands.


Antahkarana International is Accomplishing A Crucial Work in Outstanding Ways:


  • We are helping people help themselves.  Young villagers are returning to their villages as teachers and leaders.
  • Youngsters who would have remained illiterate and with little hope or opportunity are at the head of their class in a competitive Tibetan academic school in Kathmandu.
  • We have established three village schools to keep children close to their roots while preparing them to meet high academic standards if they choose to continue into upper education.
  • We are employing numerous yout in our programs.  They in turn support their parents and extended family.
  • Many women and youth beyond school age are benefiting from our literacy classes.


Quitting now for lack of funds is simply not an option.  PLEASE HELP!


  • Perhaps you have been fortunate and can solve an entire category of our financial need.
  • Or maybe you will conduct a fundraiser to raise a donation.
  • Or you may simply want to make the best individual donation you can...
  • In any case, please act quickly then forward this newsletter to your friends who may also want to help!




Click to Donate online www.saveaculture.org

Or send donations to:  Antahkarana International, Box 1543, Bozeman, MT 59771


I am eternally grateful for your on-going support.  Together we have accomplished a great deal.  I wish you could personally experience the hope and glory in the eyes of those we serve.  Surly it is the light of the heart yearning to be free from cycles of illiteracy and poverty - and so willing to do work to become educated.  The gift of education is truly the gift of life and no culture can survive without it.  Let us continue together in this magnificent work.


My best always,

Deanna Campbell

Executive Director

Antahkarana International

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